The Issues

Freedom to Learn

With two kids in Westerville public schools, Louise knows what it's like to want the best for your children and their education. She's running to:

  • Strengthen our public schools by holding the state accountable to fully fund their fair share and ensure property owners can finally get some tax relief.

  • Ensure teachers can teach and students can learn an honest history of our state and country.

  • Service not just academic needs, but all of our children’s needs in schools, from learning to work with others to mental health counseling.

Freedom from Violence

It's hard to prosper when you're worried about your family's safety. That's why #TeamValentine is looking out for our first responders. Some of Louise's priorities include:

  • Equipping our first responders, police, EMS and firefighters, with the tools and resources they need to be safe and effective in our communities.

  • Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and those in mental health crises.

  • Protecting our children and teachers from both school massacres and accidental gun deaths.

Economic Freedom

You work hard for your money- it's only fair that you have someone at the Statehouse working hard to make sure it's reinvested back into your community. Louise will prioritize:

  • Smart tax policies that make the best use of your hard-earned dollars

  • Support for small businesses, family farms, and new start-ups 

  • Investment in high-demand jobs in energy, tech, medical and skilled labor so we can meet the demands of our communities and our evolving economy.

Freedom from Government Overreach

Louise is running to keep meddling politicians out of our most personal spaces. You deserve to make Ohio your home without fear of government overreach, which is why #TeamValentine is committed to the following:

  • Unless you are causing harm, the government should stay off your property, out of your bedroom, out of our doctor’s offices, and out of our schools.

  • Decisions about family planning and reproductive medical care should not be made by politicians and should not be part of a surveillance state.

  • Ensure there is a balance between state and local control - some laws should be universal, but others are best decided at the local level

Freedom to Pursue Your Dreams

Ohio's legislature is moving in a dangerous, radical direction. Louise is a reasonable, common-sense leader that will work for positive changes for ALL Ohioans, instead of fear mongering and focusing on culture wars. Louise is committed to the following:

  • Allow Ohioans to be who they want to be, love who they want to love, and work where you want to work with a fair wage.

  • Give our families and our children the clean water and air they deserve, protecting our natural resources for generations to come.

  • Receive necessary medical care and fairly-priced prescriptions that don't break them bank.