Good-Paying Jobs

Louise understands that while the economy has rebounded since the Great Recession, millions of Ohio families are still struggling to achieve economic security. Louise will support an investment in our roads, bridges and sewage systems to create thousands of jobs in Ohio. We must incentivize green technology development and welcome new and emerging markets into our state. Louise will vote for tax credits for businesses that hire Ohio workers and support small business investments. By supporting Ohio's continued economic development, we'll create new jobs and strengthen Ohio industries.

Quality Education

For too long Ohio's leaders have allowed an unconstitutional, inequitable and inefficient school funding system to stand in the way of quality education in Ohio. While some schools are forced to pass substantial property tax increases to fund basic programs, many others cannot afford to keep up. It's time to say enough! Louise will work across the aisle to improve Ohio's public education system by overhauling state funding, reigning in standardized testing and supporting community-based education reform. Louise will work with students, parents, and teachers to improve our education system and give our children the tools to succeed.

Affordable Healthcare

Louise believes that Ohioans deserve a variety of affordable health care options for themselves and their families. We must protect the expansion of Medicaid that has given health insurance to over 700,000 Ohioans. Louise will approve the use of some of the state's emergency fund to fight the opioid epidemic in Ohio. We have a responsibility to work within communities to reduce the outrageously high rates of infant mortality in our state. Healthcare is a complex issue with serious implications for millions of Ohioans - Louise understands the importance of bipartisan solutions to provide better options at affordable costs.

Charter School Accountability

Louise believes that all of Ohio's children deserve a quality education that provides them the opportunity to learn and grow to their fullest potential. We must ensure that Charter Schools are held to the same rigorous standards as traditional public schools. Louise will vote to ensure taxpayer dollars go towards classroom learning - not paid advertising and "consulting services." We will require charter schools to comply with the same audit and public records laws as traditional public schools. With a reasonable, student-based approach, we can reform the system, save taxpayer dollars and provide the best education possible for our children.

College Affordability

The cost of higher education has skyrocketed out of control. Getting a college degree shouldn't bankrupt families and deter students from going to school. As your State Senator, Louise will support in-state tuition freezes to stop rising costs. Louise is committed to ending the sales tax on textbooks so that college students can cut down on the costs of learning.

Government Reform

Our elected officials are supposed to represent the people of Ohio. Instead, politicians pick their voters through partisan gerrymandering of districts and are indebted to their special interest campaign donors. As your State Senator, Louise will fight for fair, bipartisan redistricting and will work on behalf of Ohio families, not special interests.