About Louise

Louise Valentine has been a lifelong resident of Ohio. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she attended Elyria public schools, proudly graduating as Salutatorian from Elyria High School in 2000. Her father, Frank, has been a packaging engineer with The Clorox Company for more than 15 years, but first joined the company as a materials handler at their production plant in Cleveland where he was a member of the International Chemical Workers Union. After years of night classes, he eventually earned his college degree at the age of 45 and was afforded the opportunity to advance to the engineering team. Her mother was able to stay at home to care for Louise and her younger brother, Aaron, until they were in school when she started work at a local elementary school cafeteria.

Louise attended THE Ohio State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2004 from the College of Human Ecology and a Master’s of Science in 2006. Pressure from student loans required her to take on additional jobs to close the financial gaps in paying for tuition, so she worked in fast food, on the sales floor at a department store, on the production line at the factory that employed her father, as a catering assistant, and as a house cleaner, all the way through college.

Central Ohio has offered many opportunities for Louise, having majored in Textiles and Clothing, and so she started her career at the Abercrombie & Fitch headquarters and then moved to a position with L Brands. She then led a consumer testing program for 7 years and was with L Brands nearly 10 years in total. Although she had always been passionate about public policy, she never imagined herself as a candidate running for office until 2016. It was then she decided to step up- for her family, for her community, and for the love of Ohio- and run for the Ohio State Senate. As a first-time candidate, she came within 3% of pulling off a victory in a district of over 400,000 constituents.

After her 2018 race, she left corporate life and started as Deputy Director for LEAD Ohio, a community non-profit dedicated to supporting Progressives running for office in Ohio. This work allows her to meet with voters and leaders in every corner of the state, helping to champion the values she wholeheartedly believe in at all levels of government.

Louise married Scott Valentine, whom she met at Ohio State, in 2008. They live in Genoa Township with their two children, twins Anthony and Nicholas, and their dogs, Jun and Nikko. When not at her full-time job, campaigning for State Rep, or managing the daily (and hectic!) life of a family of four, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating copious amounts of chocolate, gardening, hanging with the two Shiba puppies, and watching Buckeye sports.