Why I'm Running

As a mom, a wife and a working professional, I never thought I’d be interested in running for a political office, but after the 2016 election cycle that all changed. It was appalling to witness things like unfairly drawn districts and special interest money helping win elections for candidates who put private interests ahead of public wellbeing. I’m frustrated that so many of our elected officials have lost sight of what it means to be a representative of the people and have sidelined the values of their communities. I felt compelled to use this feeling of dissatisfaction for real change. I’m running for State Senate to demand better from our state government and to redefine what our representation can be. Our lives and the lives of our children are affected every day by decisions made in the Ohio legislature and it’s long past time “we the people” truly have a voice there. I’m ready to represent working families and to actively engage with my constituents to make their wellbeing the top priority. I’m inspired by the idea of strengthening our public schools, working towards affordable healthcare for all and investing in an economy that provides livable wages at jobs that carry Ohio into the future. Join me if you believe we ALL should have opportunities to learn, work and thrive here in Ohio now and in the future.

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